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My Column in The Monthly Aspectarian

Chicago's Monthly Aspectarian magazine was published every month for 30 years. After a lapse, it's back, with a new editor and both print and online versions. This is such good news! Chicago residents may once again pick up the free publication at dozens of locations throughout the city and suburbs. If you are out of town, you can find it every month online.

MA's publisher, Walter Perschke, is a longtime client of mine; he's asked to interview me quarterly for the magazine, getting my take on the unfolding astrological cycles. He and I will continue to discuss the key planetary cycles affecting us all. We hope to give you a fresh perspective on these collective and personal influences.

Take a look at the first two interviews, appearing in the November 2012  (right-click to download the pdf file in the background) and the January 2013 issues.


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