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I've  been in full-time professional practice since my 20's, consulting with individuals, businesses, and entrepreneurs, teaching, writing on Experiential Astrology...

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"I've been in love with the night sky since I was ten. In my 20's I began a full-time professional astrology practice, consulting to individuals and businesses, teaching, serving in professional groups, writing on Experiential Astrology.... and more, as you will see below."

Barbara Schermer

Consultant, since 1974, in a vigorous astrological practice in Chicago, with both individual and corporate clients—often serving as a timing consultant and coach to entrepreneurs and to CEO's of major  firms.

Author of Astrology Alive!: A Guide to Experiential Astrology and the Healing Arts, (The Crossing Press, 1998). German edition published in 1992 as Astrologie Live. The Spanish edition (2005) is titled Astrologia Viva.

Contributing Writer to the Mountain Astrologer and other astrology publications.

Pioneer in the field of Experiential Astrology with thirty years of teaching, leadership, and production in experiential performance and theater (Producer of the Rising Stars, an astrological mythic theater group).

Researcher on the astrological significance of Botticelli's "Primavera" and "Birth of Venus," the astrology of Marsilio Ficino, and the astrological and ecological symbolism of the the dwarf planet "Sedna."

Trained, for twelve years, under the auspices of Swami Kriyananda, Temple of Kriya Yoga, Chicago, studying astrology, yoga, and the development of consciousness.

Certified by the one-year Oasis Center Facilitator Training Program (Chicago) with developed skills in group facilitation.

Experienced as a teacher and workshop leader (see Lectures, Workshops, and Classes)—at Esalen Institute, Big Sur, California; in Chicago at the Oasis Center; Governors State University (as Associate Professor of Cultural Studies); the Illinois Federation of Women's Clubs; and for Cunard Cruise Lines as well as at many professional conferences in the US, Canada, Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Italy, and Australia. She was the Experiential Track Co-ordinator of the United Astrology Congress '86, '89, and '92.

Served as an Advisory Board Member of AFAN (Association for Astrological Networking) and was Chairman of its Media Watch committee.

Nominated by her peers in 1993 and 1995 for the prestigious Regulus Award for her contributions to astrology and the astrology community.


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