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I've  been in full-time professional practice since my 20's, consulting with individuals, businesses, and entrepreneurs, teaching, writing on Experiential Astrology...

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Astrology Alive Horoscope Reports...

...are a great way to learn astrology. Each gives you 15 to 40 pages of excellent interpretation (Mac software from Time Cycles Research) in an easy-to-read format. Twenty-four hour turnaround. We keep prices low by sending text files by email only. You print them and supply your own fancy folder. We've seen the rest and believe these are the best.

Bill Gates Sample Report                                 Lady Gaga Sample Report

Make your choices. Check the money-saving Combo Packs, below.

Natal Chart Report. This is the character analysis, revealing strengths, talents, abilities, potential challenges, and blind spots. Good for a lifetime!
Item ID: natal
"Small Wonders" Child Natal Chart. This one is fun! Designed especially to give you insight into your boy or girl, in language that makes sense to parents.
Item ID: childnatal
Current Patterns for the Next Six Months. Transits for the next six months —plan your life for circumstances ahead.
Item ID: currenthalf
Current Patterns for the Next Year. Transits for the coming year—
plan your life for circumstances ahead.

Relationship (Synastry) Report. "Is this relationship good for me?" Compares two individual natal charts, revealing physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual qualities.
Item ID: relationship1
Relationship (Synastry and Composite) Report. This package includes both Synastry and Composite Relationship Reports. More than twice the information.
Item ID: relationship2



"Mind-Body" Natal Report. Completely Different! Draws upon your natal chart and the time-honored traditions of medical astrology to describe health needs, alternative treatments, and care of the soul.
Item ID: mindbody

Personal Value Package – Save $5! One per order: Natal Report, Current Patterns Transit Report (6-month).
Item ID: personalvalue
Big Value Package – Save $10!  One per order: Natal Report, Current Patterns Transit Report (6-month), Synastry Relationship Report.
Item ID: bigvalue
Super Value Package – Save $20! Included in each order: Two Natal Reports (self & partner), Transit Report (one year), Relationship ( Synastry and Composite) Reports.
Item ID: supervalue

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