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I've  been in full-time professional practice since my 20's, consulting with individuals, businesses, and entrepreneurs, teaching, writing on Experiential Astrology...

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Professional Services

Sessions may be in person (when I'm in town) or by phone — anywhere in the world (I call you). I'll send an mp3 of the session by email.

No computer? I'll make you a CD.

Natal Chart Consultation—US$200
   Your unique birth chart. Good for life!
Current Patterns —US$200
   What's happening now and ahead.
Relationship Analysis—US$250
   For couples or business partners.
Natal for Newborns—US$160 
   A sensitive look at your child's nature.
Fertility Consultation—US$200
   Find fertile times in your cycle.
Electional Charts*
   Best times to initiate a project, marriage,
   job search, etc.
 *Hourly rate—US$125.


√ Recommended for first-time clients:

Natal Consultation followed by Current Patterns.

Contact Barbara for an appointment or more information.


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What is Professional Astrology?

Professional astrologers, as the name suggests, take astrology seriously and make their living by practicing the art with a high level of skill and commitment. Expect a professional astrologer to demonstrate extensive training and experience, professional attitude and demeanor, strong ethical principles, and knowledge of both the efficacy and the limits of astrological practice.

Computerized Astrology Reports? Actually ours are quite good, especially for the casual user and beginning astrology student (no need to look up the interpretations in a book)—or for the "just curious." But you get much more from a professional consultation, which is:

  • Personalized, not just individualized. You get the chance to make the consultation specific, to ask questions and give important background information. And you can benefit from the counseling skills of the astrologer.
  • Synthesized, not just organized. The computer has gotten pretty good, but still gives you a list rather than a unified meaning for the complex formations found in every chart—like this T-square: Sun in Cancer in the 11th House, square Moon in Pisces in the 8th, opposite Neptune in Virgo in the 2nd.
  • Humanized, not just informative. You get the subtleties of the astrologer as artist, the benefit of a life of experience in Soulwork. And you may form a relationship that lasts many years.

So, if you're at all serious about astrology—or have truly important questions to ponder, consider a professional astrology consultation with Barbara Schermer.

(To learn what to expect from a professional astrologer, read the "Consumer's Guide to Astrologers.")

Contact Barbara for an appointment or more information.