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I've  been in full-time professional practice since my 20's, consulting with individuals, businesses, and entrepreneurs, teaching, writing on Experiential Astrology...

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Barbara Schermer—

Business Astrologer and Timing Expert


Maximize auspicious times, minimize your challenges.

Wealth begins in giving, by tools and auxiliaries, the greatest possible extension to our powers.

                                                        Marsilio Ficino, Astrologer (1433-1499)

Entrepreneurs, Future CEO’s and Professionals:

Why lunge at a closed door when you can know when it is open? Why court dis-aster, “against the stars,” when you have the wisdom to work with them? Why not use Barbara Schermer’s expertise as a timing specialist and coach to place your actions in the proper space-time and enhance their chances for success? (See testimonials.)

If you are—

  • an entrepreneur seeking windows of maximum opportunity,
  • a CEO who needs to define a new corporate strategy,
  • a prospective partner who wants to evaluate the match,
  • a businesswoman pursuing new capital,
  • a professional in search of the best time to open a practice

then an astrological consultant or coaching relationship might be especially helpful to you. And—

You might choose a premium service package featuring:

  • Strategic Timing—Best times to implement phases of your new business plan.
  • Business Opening—Electional chart analysis to choose auspicious opening dates.
  • Corporate Identity—Each company has a Natal chart that describes its character and culture.
  • Compatibility Analysis—How do partners, board members, key players, match up?
  • Know Your Team—Natal charts and Current Patterns for key players.
  • Group Dynamics—Examine the strengths and challenges of your company, team or department.

Consulting Packages

  • Basic Consulting. Select services à la carte. Pay as you go. Prices vary by service.
  • Premium Services. Draw on all of Barbara’s skills and services in a personalized and ongoing coaching relationship. In-depth research on past cycles now affecting you or your company, priority appointments, “twenty minute tune-ups.” Buy a block of time to use flexibly “on retainer.”

For all services:

  • Make an appointment, and Barbara will send confirmation emails, then phone you for your session. Worldwide service.
  • You may prepay by credit card through PayPal, or by bank transfer.
  • All session are recorded as mp3 files and delivered via email for convenient replay on your computer. Or download to your Blackberry, iPhone, or any music player.

Contact Barbara for an appointment or for more information.

What Barbara's Business & Premium Clients say:

  • Barbara’s counsel is both a business and personal asset. Since 1990, I have had the good fortune of calling her my trustworthy confidante and wise advisor.—Dr. Amelia Case, Universal Health Institute.

  • Barbara is a brilliant astrologer, highly regarded within the international professional astrology community.Kelley Hunter, Ph.D., Astrologer. 
  • For thirty years, Barbara has been my professional secret weapon. She has, at many times, been instrumental in the strategic process that help me to build a large, complex $400 million family business. She was an especially reassuring presence through three hostile takeover attempts. My idea of heaven is to have Barbara in it.Gregory Reichle, past President and CEO, Wilbert, Inc.
  • Barbara Schermer helps you know where you are and where you are going. If I were starting a new business or new venture, I would first consult with Barbara. Her guidance is practical and her clear insight amazing.—Ida R. Manning, Executive Director, Illinois Institute for Entrepreneurship Education.

Contact Barbara for an appointment or for more information.