Barbara's Book: Astrology Alive

The book has been around for a while, but since it is still the only book on experiential astrology and astrodrama, it's still a good read. Be on the lookout for Astrology Alive: Revised Digital Edition. We're working on it!—Barbara.

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Astrology Alive: A Guide to Experiential Astrology and the Healing Arts—Paperback (April 1998) by Barbara Schermer

If the above link does not produce results, try a search for "Astrology Alive" at (There are two editions, 1989 and 1998. You probably want the latter.)


 Astrology Alive...

   ... brings together elements of psychology, group work, drama, music, ritual, and healing practice to make astrology come alive!

Here is what others have said about Astrology Alive:

Astrology Alive is a wonderful book. Through words, images, exercises, and meditations, Barbara Schermer invites the reader to experience his or her own inner cosmology. Providing a way for each of us to experience personally the underlying principles of astrology (The Law of Correspondences—As Above, So Below), Barbara's work helps us to enliven our lives with astrology's transcendental promise.—Alan Oken, author of Alen Oken's Complete Astrology and Soul Centered Astrology.

In Astrology Alive Barbara Schermer brings the astrological chart to life in a way that few other writers have done. It seems destined to become the classic textbook on experiential astrology. It certainly deserves to be.—Howard Sasportas, Center for Psychological Astrology in London.