Upcoming Events for 2013

The Monthly Aspectarian. Barbara is the Keynote Speaker at the annual Conscious Connection Conference sponsored by The Monthly Aspectarian magazine on Saturday May 11 at the Doubletree Hotel in Oak Brook IL. Her presentation at 1:30 PM is "Cosmic Trends: Tuning into Natural Rhythms." Barbara and her partner Sandy Rueve will have a booth in the trade show, highlighting Intention Beads, astrological talisman's created at the most auspicious moment.

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New! Astrology Seminars with Barbara Schermer via Teleconference

Once-a-month experiential astrology seminar to explore your chart through the lenses of depth psychology, mythology, Kriya Yoga and alchemy, incorporating practical strategies and yogic techniques.


  • ·      Birthing Venus Within: A Mythological and Elemental Perspective
  • ·      Psyche’s Tasks: The Four Initiations of Love
  • ·      The Alchemical Processes of Psyche
  • ·      Pluto: Turning Lead into Gold
  • ·      Magical Principles: Maximize Transits, Find Auspicious Ceremonial Times
  • ·      Cosmic Trends: Mitigating and Enhancing Celestial Influences
  • ·      Kriya Yoga: Your Chart as Your Core Aura and Planetary Mantras
  • ·      Small Wonders: Developing your Child’s Potential
  • ·      The Art of Chart Synthesis
  • ·      Growing an Astrological Practice

Seminars begin when enough students sign up. Wednesday, 7:00–9:00 PM CDT is the first time slot. (Saturday morning seminars may be more convenient for international users and will be offered when there is enough interest.)

Tuition: $15 per seminar. Invoiced on PayPal™.

Technically challenged? Don’t worry. Just click on an email link, enter a code—and you’re in! Or use your telephone. It’s easy!

Contact Barbara to sign up and send your email address.