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Welcome to the New Astrology Alive!

Dear Clients and Friends,

Welcome to the New Astrology Alive!


I am excited to be back online after a long hiatus.  The purpose of everything on the site is to give you maximum astrological insight using the minimum amount of your time.

Short and sweet, simple and succinct. Those are my goals.

Astrology Alive is both a blog and a website. I’ll be blogging on the astrology of events in the news, upcoming astronomical and astrological topics, and tips for the use of astrology in everyday life. One ongoing track will be “Becoming Mommie,” on astrology and fertility and for Moms (and Dads too!) looking for insights into their babies and older kids. Another will be “Business Astrology,” with practical information on timing and decision-making for entrepreneurs, managers, and professionals. Some subjects we’ll save for a surprise.

The site includes practical features to view or download like Business Astrology 101, Cosmic Wheel 2011 (New Moon dates and how to use them), Fertility 101, which gives guidelines for your most fertile times (actual, for pregnancy, or metaphorical, for any creative project), a lesson on Midlife Transits for those trying to navigate this time of life, and articles for those new to astrology as well as sophisticated astrologers. Moms can listen to four short audio interviews based on your child’s sun sign in the elements of fire, earth, air or water (useful to help you understand them). Old hands at astrology might want to ponder the meaning of the dwarf planet Sedna.

You can order a variety of astrology reports from our store. I have done extensive research of what other sites offer and feel these are the best (most psychological and practical) reports to be offered online.

You can also schedule a session to talk with me directly via phone. (I pay for the call.) All sessions are recorded as mp3 files, sent to you by email, invoiced on Pay Pal or paid by personal check. Together we will focus precisely on answering your concerns.

Enjoy the site and please do comment. One-way conversations are boring!


Barbara Schermer            773-248-7108

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