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Living "Downton Abbey" in 2014

In 2014 we enter into a Downton Abbey kind of year with surprises, ambitions, intrigues, new loves, betrayals, revenges, and noble, courageous actions. The cosmos has complicated plot lines this year, as there are multi-faceted characters—Pluto, Uranus, Jupiter and Mars, in multiple interactions—squares (conflict within) and oppositions (conflict without) that manifest in both our collective and personal lives. In short, 2014 is more dramatic than any we have seen.

I thought about how to simply explain this and came up with the diagram below. You can use it experientially. Either engage it spontaneously to bring feelings to mind and journal your process, or use the diagram to interact with a close friend. I included the particular birth dates most affected along with remedies to address these challenges. The accompanying link explains more.

Most important is to realize that in a time of challenge there is always innate potential within.

See my article in the January 2014 Monthly Aspectarian magazine for an explanation of the diagram and how to use it.—Barbara.



Who? For those of you born on these birth dates regardless of the year:

12/29–1/17, 3/29–4/17, 6/30–7/20, 9/30–10/20.

For specific generations:

Saturn in Aries: 3/38–6/38, 10/38–4/39.

Neptune in Libra: 10/45–10/49, 5/50–9/50

Saturn in Cancer: 8/44–7/45..

Uranus in Cancer: 7/50–1/51, 5/51–8/52, 2/53–5/53.


Uranus in Libra: 11/69–3/70, 8/70–11/71, 4/72–8/72.

Pluto in Libra: 10/74–10/78, 5/79–8/79.

Saturn in Libra: 11/80–3/81, 8/81–11/81, 5/82–7/82.

Neptune in Capricorn: 2/87–7/87, 12/87–3/92, 6/92– 11/92.

Saturn in Capricorn: 1/89–12/89.

Uranus in Capricorn- 1/90-7/90, 11/90-1/92, 7/92–12/92.

Remedies: Stay in your center; pranayama (alternate breathing); Be resilient, resourceful and adaptable; Choose your cause; What’s new?; Who and what nourishes me? Seek to go deeper. Let go and forgive through the opus contra naturum. Be not do.

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